Stage Make-Up Class for New Competition Students

06 Feb Stage Make-Up Class for New Competition Students


Dear Parents and Students,

We will be having a stage make-up class on Saturday, February 22nd at 10:00 AM. This class is mandatory for all new competition students . If you are not a competition student and received this notice, you are encouraged to attend and learn proper stage make-up technique. If a mom will be assisting the dancer with their make-up for performances (recommended if your dancer is not used to applying makeup) the mom should attend the class with the student. If the dancer will be doing her own make-up for shows, they may attend alone. The class should last approximately 1 hour. There is no charge for this class.

THE AVON STORE UPSTAIRS has partnered with us to make your make up purchases as easy as possible. They will have near everything you need there along with a list, and have given me samples so you will know exactly what colors to to ask for when you arrive. Not only that, they will give you a card to keep track of all purchases you make whether make up or personal to earn special discounts on future purchases!

Here is what you need to bring with you to class:

1.A clean face (freshly washed at home with proper cleanser or soap).
2.Black mascara (Not Brown/Black – true Black).
3.3 eye makeup brush applicators (not sponges), brissled brushes
4.A Blush brush
5.Foundation to match the dancer’s skin
6.Pressed powder that matches the dancer’s skin
7.A clean large make up brush
8.Something to take notes with
9.A matching eyebrow pencil for those with thin eyebrows only – please ask Miss Amber to find out if you need one.
10. A Concealer stick one shade lighter than dancer’s foundation
11. A green stick concealer (Avon store may not have this)

1.A solid black eyeliner (not liquid)
2.A white eyeliner pencil (Avon Store may not have this)

If you have any other questions, please ask.

Thank you!
Miss Amber