So Proud Of Everyone At Show B

18 Jun So Proud Of Everyone At Show B

Show B participants, you did such a great job in reaction/action to the false fire alarm that went off towards the end of the show.  Both the theater and the Fire Department commended us on our volunteer’s organization in temporarily evacuating per their rules so the fire department could shut off the alarms as well as the audiences’ cooperation.   So my personal thank you’s to:

Audience: Thank you for understanding that we had to take the students out the back way to maintain organization and make sure they were safe.  If we had taken them out the front way, we could not keep track of who was grabbing kids and whether they were actual parents or not.

Volunteers: Thank you for being so calm and organized knowing that it was a false alarm and keeping the kids calm while we had an unexpected recess break outback.  The house manager told me afterwards that no other studio she has worked with could have handled this event.  That speaks greatly to our system and your dedication.

And Dancers/Parents/Audience: Thank you for enjoying the end of the show after we got the all clear and those pesky lights stopped blinking in the auditorium.  It was definitely a first (hopefully a last) and a show we will always remember!