Recital Chaperons Needed

21 Apr Recital Chaperons Needed

Hey Moms,

We are still in need of many chaperons for our children at the recital. A class chaperon is in charge of helping certain groups change costumes between numbers, keep an eye on them in the dressing rooms, walk the younger kids to the restrooms, etc. Remember that all chaperons do get to watch their kids dance right from the wings backstage, so you won’t miss a thing by volunteering. And audience members are not allowed backstage, so please do not plan on trying to watch the show and assist your dancer between numbers. If you’d still rather just sit back and watch the show we are happy to hire folks to assist your kids for you. Just remember each group member will be charged a $5 fee to do so as stated in our policy book. If you’re thinking about helping out, check at the desk next week to see if your class still needs volunteers. We’d be happy to have you! Deadline for all chaperons to sign up is May 10th.