Picture Week Information and Schedule

26 Feb Picture Week Information and Schedule


Check the attached copy for your picture day and times. They may vary from your normal class times. Plan on arriving promptly at your ARRIVAL TIME not your picture time. This allows you time to change and prepare for your pictures.

DO NOT WEAR YOUR COSTUME FROM HOME. We will have one room designated as a dressing room. Accidents do happen, and if the costume were to get damaged, there would be nothing we could do. Boys will change in the boys’ locker room. Girls will have DANCE ROOM B designated as a “girls’ dressing room”. No fathers, brothers or other male family members will be allowed in the girls’ dressing room. Please plan accordingly.

Use light make-up to bring out your dancer’s natural features. Do not use stage make-up. If you have any questions about how to do your make-up, please ask your instructor.

Buying pictures is an option. You are not required to purchase them. However, please plan on attending the group photo session even if you aren’t buying individual pictures. All group shots are put in the annual yearbook that each family receives at the end of the year. There is no cost for participating in the group shot or getting the yearbook.

YEARBOOK ADS may be purchased during picture time. This is a special space in the yearbook that you can buy just for your child’s picture and a message from you to them. You MUST tell us at picture time if you are buying an ad.

If you are unable to attend your photo time, please let your teacher and the front desk know ahead of time. If a student is not present, we do make every effort to wait for them and contact them by phone. Please save us the time and unnecessary work by letting us know beforehand. If you cannot attend the group shot time but would like to still buy an individual shot of your dancer, please let us know BEFORE PICTURE WEEK and we will arrange an alternate time for your dancer to have their individual shot taken.

If you cannot attend your picture time but would like to have your dancer’s photo edited in to the group shot, we can do that! Have your dancer’s picture taken at a different time during picture week, and for a fee, the photographers will edit your dancer into the group photo! Please sign up for this feature before picture week at the front desk. You may pay for editing at the same time you pay for any/all pictures you are purchasing the week of pictures, but we must have a list of names taking advantage of this opportunity BEFORE any group shots are taken so that we leave a space open for the missing dancer(s)

If you have any questions concerning pictures, please feel free to ask us.

Picture Schedule