Helping a Westland family eat this month

14 Jan Helping a Westland family eat this month

Hi Parents, I ran across a mom on FB that posted in the Westland community asking where she could get free food for her family.  She works daily and has a child but can only afford enough food for 2 out of every 4 weeks.  I’m sure we all have something that has been sitting in our cupboards for awhile, so I thought: why not see if we can collect some food for them!  If you have any non-perishables or shelf stable food you’re able to donate, please bring to the studio this week.   We did an awesome job collecting 10 big boxes of donations to send to the Paradise, CA fire studio!  Let’s see what we can do for a local mom and child who just want to eat every day.  We’ll collect through Saturday and get it to them next Monday.  Thanks in advance for whatever you have to donate!