Exciting Shoe & Dance Wear News!

20 Jul Exciting Shoe & Dance Wear News!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the world of dance is finally beginning to recognize that dancers come in all shades of tan!  We are so excited to introduce our new MOCHA JAZZ SHOE for darker skin tones that will be available sometime next week when it arrives – exclusively in our studio!  We will also have tights available to match the shoes for all jazz dancers  with darker skin tones so they will no longer appear to have lighter legs and feet.

There is also a new clear strap/clear back bra available in our store that comes in 3 different shades of nude to match everyone.

These are things we’ve been asking the dance wear makers to fix for a long time, and we hope you are as excited as we are about this.  We’ll keep pushing to get those tap shoes in Mocha as well!  Until then, let’s celebrate this victory, and if your dancer is of darker complexion, please see our exclusive MOCHA shoes and matching tights starting next week for ALL JAZZ DANCERS – unless they are older comp wearing turners.