A Personal Note From New York Talent Agent, Peter Sklar!

22 Sep A Personal Note From New York Talent Agent, Peter Sklar!

Don’t forget to sign up to attend his lecture on October 8th @ 6pm at the studio! It will be a great learning tool if your children plan on pursuing a career in the arts whether it be just auditioning for things locally or professionally abroad.

A Personal Note from Peter Sklar….

September 22, 2014

TO: Amber Gilbert
The Dance Academy


RE: Students & Parents

Hello Amber,

I appreciate all your efforts in regard to our upcoming lecture. If you feel it’s appropriate, you’re welcome to share this correspondence with your students and parents.

To begin: All teenagers need to hear that whether they become a dancer, doctor, crime scene investigator, marine biologist, or whatever, qualities like talent, looks, connections, “getting an agent”, luck, passion, perseverance, and all the so-called attributes of success actually have very little to do with who “makes it” in life and who doesn’t. In the arts, talented, attractive, highly skilled, and passionate performers are everywhere. Yet, according to Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity Association, fully ninety-seven (97%) per cent of the best of them are chronically unemployed!


Because, as every major employer knows- in and out of the arts- success is all about who you are, not what you can do. During the talk, your students will learn what this means, and what to do about it. And while they’re learning, they’ll have fun, and…laugh often! (I got jokes 🙂

Parents will notice positive changes in their children in the days that follow- everything from confidence to maturity to eating habits, as well as more success in their academics, future job interviews, auditions, and beyond.

In short, those who attend will never quite be the same- they will benefit profoundly in virtually all areas of their life.

Looking forward to meeting you.