Lutalo Sephers

Lutalo began his entertainment/dance career thirteen years ago. Originally brought in to be a dancer Lutalo quickly became an MC and he never looked back. Lutalo has always enjoyed dancing, and his first formal dance class was a tap dance class he took while in kindergarten. Lutalo has been a dance instructor for the past ten years and teaches street ready hip-hop for ages 6 – adult. Lutalo was a choreographer/dancer for Rockel toured with her for a year and a half. Most recently, Lutalo performed with the Motor City Vibe and Taboo being featured in the Red Hot & Dance at the Motor City Casino Hotel. Lutalo has also become a talented DJ playing and mixing music. He currently holds a residency at Motor City Casino Hotel as a DJ/Personality. When not dancing Lutalo spends his time drawing, writing fiction, reading, and working out. Researching and finding new steps is an ongoing process with Lutalo. His inspirations for new moves and combinations come from varied sources including movies, martial arts, and other styles of dance. Lutalo’s philosophy: When the world is moving too fast, dance until it slows down…

Molly Sute

Miss Molly joined TDA in 2015 as a tap specialist who is also skilled in tumbling/acro.  She dances with a professional tap company in Chicago on weekends and is a part of the Detroit Tap Repertory.