Tiny Tots

This class is especially for your three year old. It combines basic movement and motor skills with activities to enhance your child’s learning ability. The class lasts for half an hour per week. These younger dancers do an in studio performance for their parents at Christmas time and at the end of the year.


This class is designed to enhance the creative ability, attention span, physical coordination, and musicality in the young beginner as well as introducing more challenging exercises. It combines ballet, tap and jazz. Pre-dance students begin to learn cooperation and team work, classroom etiquette and memorization skills. This class length is 45 minutes and 2 dance subjects are studied each class – rotating dance subjects each week. These little dancers also participate in the annual performance.


This class is a continuation of the pre-dance curriculum and is designed specifically for the 5 year old child. Kinderdance allows students to study the three basic forms of dance in more depth before moving into individual classes in ballet, tap or jazz. Your child will begin to learn analytical skills as well as more advanced concepts of traditional structured dance. The class length is 45 minutes. Kinderdance students perform a dance in the Academy’s annual performance.

Ballet Class

Classical ballet technique is offered in the Russian method. All elements of proper barre, center, adagio, and allegro are given in each class. Ballet is the basic foundation of all dance and is absolutely necessary for the technical development of a dancer. In addition, it builds proper posture, carriage, and discipline in the student. Ballet students may perform in a classical, character, contemporary or lyrical style in the Acadmey’s performance. Classes are offered for all ages and range in length depending on level.

Tap Class

This class emphasizes technique, speed, clarity of sounds, rhythm and training in the basic tap steps and combinations. The tap steps are then set to music in a routine for the annual recital. WARNING TO PARENTS: IT CAN BE NOISY DURING HOME PRACTICING! Classes range from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length depending on student’s age and level.

Jazz Class

Jazz dancing has fast become one of the most popular forms of dance in America today. Its wide appeal is evident on television, movies, and on Broadway. Each class includes proper technique in stretches, warm-ups, isolations, center work, turns, jumps, etc. Emphasis is also placed on developing musicality, discipline and learning quality of movement. Of course, these students enjoy the popular music as well as dancing in the annual performance. Classes are 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the student’s age and level.

Hip Hop Class

This is the latest “fad” or style of dance. Sometimes referred to as the street dancing or social dancing, it is based on jazz movements. Hip Hop classes provide an excellent work-out (aerobic style) while having fun. Students learn rhythm, coordination, isolations, basic dance steps and put it all into a routine they can “show off” to all their friends at parties, school dances and in the Academy’s annual performance.

Pointe Class

Special classes are devoted to the technique “sur les pointes”. Students must be enrolled in two ballet classes along with their pointe class. Pointe class may only be taken by recommendation of the instructor and approval of the Director.

Lyrical Dance Class

Lyrical dance combines ballet and jazz techniques to physically interpret the lyrics of a song. A strong dance background is suggested for these classes. All lyrical students must have at least one year of ballet training prior to taking the class and must continue to take ballet along with lyrical.


Contemporary dance is an advanced style that incorporates elements from modern, lyrical, jazz and ballet for an ultimate performance. This class is only available at the competitive level.

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